My best poem

Everyone of us has a poem that he loves most. My best poem is from rumi.

“​Half of life is lost in charming others, the other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others. Leave this play, you’ve played enough!”

~ Rumi

Which poem do you like most?

African proverbs: “Patience can cook a stone”

   When you read proverbs, the first rule is:they could be more than a million interpretation to one proverb and all could be right. So never assume yours is correct and others are wrong.

     Now take a look at this proverb and interpret it in your own view.

  “Patience can cook a stone”

I love reading proverbs and quotes because they provide me with simple ways of solving huge problems. A one line proverb can explain the contents of a whole discipline, essay, book, etc.

For example,” sticks in a bundle are unbreakable“. This is a proverb that explain the importance of unity: it summarises everything about unity in just a line.

In Africa, proverb is one of the factors that was being used to judge who were the elders in the Society. It was believe that those who knew proverbs had wisdom and intellect that can not be matched by others. That was why it was held with high esteem. Even today, proverbs is well appreciated and use when the need arises.

Therefore, today, we are in  to digest the meaning of this proverb and also share it with others to get thier own interpretation of it. You would be surprised to have 100 different interpretations to this proverb. 

“Patience can cook a stone”

What is your interpretation of this proverb? 

Could this proverb help if put to use solve family, societal, social and political misunderstanding?

I think so. What about you?

Wherever You Stand, Be The Soul Of That Place”

“Wherever you stand, be the Soul of that place.”

― Rumi

When I first saw this quote from Rumi, I was completely drawn in and filled with curiosity.

  • What does that mean – “wherever you stand, be the soul of that place”?  
  • How often am I open and present enough to be the soul or essence of something? anything? me?
  • What does “soul” mean?

soul – the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.

Taking a breath and a few quiet seconds, I notice a little more in my field of awareness. A sense of movement in my upper body shifting to open, shoulders relaxing back, my chest elevating to allowing more space as I sit with the idea.

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.

Where do I stand? On a cliff looking out over the river, in a doctor’s waiting room, in an office or restaurant, looking in your eyes, a community center, singing on a stage with three or a hundred other people, in a line at the grocery store, lost in a forest, on the edge of a fog-covered mountain, nose pressed to the airplane window as it screams across the sky, floating on top of the ocean wearing a mask and a toothy-grin as the giant sea turtle swims by, quietly listening to a client or friend share their story. Never alone…really. Always in relationship to someone or something. Another breath…another quiet moment and I feel my inner arms extend left and right opening to embrace…

Where you stand, be the soul of that place.

Equality, diversity, freedom, connectedness, music, puppies, love, nature, exploring, learning, curious about the something-greater-than-me that is the source of me. Another breath, the back of my chest moves out as it fills with the gift of life. I notice how the space above me and out around me is now part of me.

Where you stand, be the soul of that place.

Can I be the proverbial “drop of ocean”? How can I be the soul of humanity, the essence of who we are, interconnected here on planet Earth, with some still so stunningly unaware? The animator. The cause. Awareness beckons me inward and finds that place inside me. Breathing and quiet and deeper still.

Where you stand, be the soul of that place.

What does it take to stand and be the soul of that place? Willingness to be there, a genuine desire to know in a deeper way, the essence. A beginner’s mind. Inner eyes to look and see. Inner ears to listen and hear. Inner wisdom to experience the fullness. An expanding heart and a mindful way of BE-ing…because it is impossible to take in another’s story and not be changed at the very core of our being.

Where you stand, be the soul of that place.

How is it for you to be the soul of that place where you stand?


Let’s love before we die.

If you have waken up today happy, then be grateful for another chance. I woke up today with a news that broke my heart. I received a call from my niece that my in-law died this morning. 

This life is transient. You never know when you will depart from it. We work day and night trying hard to earn a living and forget the fundamental reason of our being. We forget that we need to love each other and live peacefully with one another.

We have become creatures of greed always wanting to acquire wealth through good and evil means. We neglect our inborn nature of good and embroiled ourselves in the home of hatred.

O mankind, cease from evil thought and evil acts. Embrace the virtue of love and cultivate the spirit of unity. This is our only chance.

Image: Ettore

Be brave

What is your resolution for tomorrow?Mine is to be brave like a lion.

We all want to don’t we? Of course we want to but that voice in our heads is limiting our resolve to act with courage and bravery.

The enemy is in within you not outside of you. Time to control the voice that has limited your potentials.

love and crime

I once approach a girl whom I like to express my feelings to her. It was a very tough decision, but at last, I mustered the courage and told her what I felt about her. To my surprise, she insulted me and told me never to try that again.

I was surprised and irritated about her actions towards me. And I ask myself ” how does it becomes a crime to express one’s 

love to someone?”

I would like to pose this question to you.

Is it a crime to express your love?

Image: sr photo

Our role in fighting terrorism

When we look at what is happening in north Africa, the middle East and other continents of the world, we would wonder why has mankind finds itself in this precarious situations where people kill and destroy properties worth billion of dollars with no remorse to thier evil actions.

Everyday thousands are being killed. Young children, Toddlers , women, old men and women crossing the deep ocean of Mediterranean looking for sanctuary to evade the evilness of terrorism while weapon industries keep accumulating huge amount of money for selling weapons to countries fighting terrorism.

The media which is supposed to help create awareness about the negative impacts of this evil idea has help to worsen the situation by attributing terrorism to Islam rather than the true reality of what is stands for.

Many people today believe that terrorism is appreciated and supported by islam even though the Muslims are the highest casualties of terrorism.

However, I want to open your mind so as to enable you  think rationally by looking at terrorism as an enemy to mankind rather than as an evil perpetrated by Muslims to subdue other world religions.

Terrorist are criminals who hide under Islam to kill people. They are far away from Islam. We must therefore come together to eradicate this malady.