Our role in fighting terrorism

When we look at what is happening in north Africa, the middle East and other continents of the world, we would wonder why has mankind finds itself in this precarious situations where people kill and destroy properties worth billion of dollars with no remorse to thier evil actions.

Everyday thousands are being killed. Young children, Toddlers , women, old men and women crossing the deep ocean of Mediterranean looking for sanctuary to evade the evilness of terrorism while weapon industries keep accumulating huge amount of money for selling weapons to countries fighting terrorism.

The media which is supposed to help create awareness about the negative impacts of this evil idea has help to worsen the situation by attributing terrorism to Islam rather than the true reality of what is stands for.

Many people today believe that terrorism is appreciated and supported by islam even though the Muslims are the highest casualties of terrorism.

However, I want to open your mind so as to enable you  think rationally by looking at terrorism as an enemy to mankind rather than as an evil perpetrated by Muslims to subdue other world religions.

Terrorist are criminals who hide under Islam to kill people. They are far away from Islam. We must therefore come together to eradicate this malady.


4 thoughts on “Our role in fighting terrorism

  1. Terrorism has broken the back of mostly Muslim countries like Afghanistan Pakistan Syria. Terrorists are not and can’t be Muslim. They are not even worth of calling human beings. They are worth nothing. I stand against Terrorism as a human being first then as a Muslim and then as a Pakistani.


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