African proverbs: “Patience can cook a stone”

   When you read proverbs, the first rule is:they could be more than a million interpretation to one proverb and all could be right. So never assume yours is correct and others are wrong.

     Now take a look at this proverb and interpret it in your own view.

  “Patience can cook a stone”

I love reading proverbs and quotes because they provide me with simple ways of solving huge problems. A one line proverb can explain the contents of a whole discipline, essay, book, etc.

For example,” sticks in a bundle are unbreakable“. This is a proverb that explain the importance of unity: it summarises everything about unity in just a line.

In Africa, proverb is one of the factors that was being used to judge who were the elders in the Society. It was believe that those who knew proverbs had wisdom and intellect that can not be matched by others. That was why it was held with high esteem. Even today, proverbs is well appreciated and use when the need arises.

Therefore, today, we are in  to digest the meaning of this proverb and also share it with others to get thier own interpretation of it. You would be surprised to have 100 different interpretations to this proverb. 

“Patience can cook a stone”

What is your interpretation of this proverb? 

Could this proverb help if put to use solve family, societal, social and political misunderstanding?

I think so. What about you?


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